Hiking, kayaking, and birding make you flock to your favorite New Jersey beach. You come to the Shore to connect with nature and reconnect with yourself.

Which beach offers the best beachcombing, bird watching, or angling spot away from the hustle and bustle? When casting your vote in this category think about destinations that really embrace and encourage ecotourism activities.

Family Vacation

You tend to stay at a favorite place on the Jersey Shore for more than a day, and your vacation is typically taken with family and friends.

Which shore community feels like your second home, has great kid-friendly activities, or has been your family vacation destination for generations?

Day Trips

You’re drawn to all the elements of a day at the Jersey Shore whether it’s swimming, sunning, and strolling the boardwalks or festivals, beach concerts and other special shore events.

Which community is a shore thing for a day of fun in the sun?